Thursday, March 20, 2008

How to: Remote control a pc (tempting...n'est-ce pas?)

Controlling a pc via a particular device is always a nice experience. You may also turn out to be very productive while doing so. Remote controlling a pc is pretty simple. One doesn't have to be a genius to do this. The basic principle of controlling a pc remotely lies in the VNC protocol. Try searching this term on wikipedia as this can be very educational. Anyway, some softwares are free and allow you to do this.

  • TightVNC - - This is one of the most relevant software that I've tried so far as regards the control of a pc remotely. The key is to run the vnc server on the computer you want to take control. Then, run the vnc viewer on the computer that you will use to take control of the target pc. That's it. Tightvnc is free to use.

Now, if we can control a windows pc via another one, can we do this via a handheld device? Of course we can! Remote2pc is NOT A FREE software. You have to pay in order to use it. This software looks promising and it can be found on the following website -

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